Our Story

January 2016 – House Du Champagne founder Robert was staying with friends at a picturesque Airbnb in France’s Champagne region. They were delighted to find a bottle of champagne as a welcome gift. They uncorked the bottle, sipped the drink and were bowled over by how amazing the champagne tasted! The Airbnb owner took them to see the champagne farmer, who sat them down at his kitchen table and told them all about his sublime champagne. PR, brand awareness and marketing budget? He had never heard of these concepts. Robert was determined: he just had to bring this incredible ‘hidden gem‘ to the Netherlands. He knew that even the down-to-earth Dutch would appreciate this wonderful product!

Driven by his passion for champagne, Robert discovered and tasted more and more different local champagnes. In contrast to the Dutch, the French drink champagne just like they do wine: every week and in large quantities. Robert loved the idea of pausing to savour life’s small, joyful moments with a glass of champagne. He selected the three best champagnes produced by local manufacturers and initiated an intensive partnership with them. This enabled him to offer almost the same price as the farmers themselves charged. And so House Du Champagne emerged, born out of love, with a passion to create the kind of access that enables everyone to get to know these superior products. A bottle of champagne in everyone’s fridge. Always.